Bringing 2015 to a close

2015 is coming to a close and the year has been rich and full!

Lots of new assignments and opportunities to learn and deepen our knowledge and experience.

Over 2015 we have made beginnings and endings a theme of our work recognising the seasons of organisations and our own lives too.

Adrianna became a Mum during the year and we welcomed Jackson into the MDC community with love. They are enjoying a year on leave and we still get to have regular cuddles.  I became a grandmother as well and we even had a MDC mums, bubs and grandma’s picnic which is likely to become an annual event.

We have been joined by Angela de Conno on one assignment and Maggie and I finished a joint piece of research and engagement with Carers SA as part of statewide strategy of Safeguarding Carers at Risk.

We have helped a number of collective impact initiatives take their next steps, most particularly Together SA‘s Together in the South where I am lead facilitator and they are now ending the year moving into their next stage. I have also been supporting the catalytic philanthropic foundation ten20 with their strategic communications and their sites building their communication strategies.

In this dynamic time of change we have also been working an organisation exit as the changing expectations and needs for supporting and build safe communities. These are brave decisions and congratulate those NFPs who take seriously whether they are advancing their mission or if it is time to pass onto the next generation. I was joined in this work by Melody, Cheryl and Angela de Conno (see photo).

Next week I will be in Queensland for the Better Together Partnering for Social Impact and Innovation Conference where I will be presenting and learning for others in the field.

I have renewed my commitment to support Start Some Good and in 2016 will be blogging for them again. I am finishing the calendar year thrilled to have been nominated for the Pro Bono News annual Impact 25 award, identifying 25 people of influence in the Not for Profit sector.

Wishing all our clients, co-workers and friends a wonderful season of joy.

Moira Deslandes

5 December, International Volunteer Day 2015

MDC team members chatting. L to R Melody, Cheryl, Angela

MDC team members chatting at Together SA Board dinner
L to R Melody, Cheryl, Angela