Future of Capital

Parisienne salons often consciously followed Horace’s definition of the aims of poetry, “either to please or to educate” (“aut delectare aut prodesse est”). They were held to gather up ideas, share in good company and increase the knowledge of the participants. At MDC we thought it was time to bring back the Salon and have some inspiring conversations!

We are kicking off the 2016 Salon Series with the Future of Capital, in the glorious surroundings of an exquisite 135 year old antique dispensary harking back to the beau-monde of the late 19th century Paris. The environment will renew the spirit of the salon, where no person was considered inadequate company as long as they shared in an appreciation of a fine drop, in fine environs.

From Karl Marx’s critique of Capital in the Political Economy to Robert Putnam’sBowling Alone, how we talk about all forms of capital in our social, political and financial systems is central to decision-making. In this salon we intend to explore, with an interesting panel, some key questions on the future of capital.  Questions like: Who is in debt to whom in the future? How will we build value? What will drive investors to invest and consumers to spend? How will we make withdrawals?  What can we learn from our different understandings of capital? What will we be accumulating and divesting? What kind of capital will be valued into the future  and what kind of future is there for that kind of capital?

A panel will be quizzed on their experience, perspectives and ideas on the future of the way they define capital.  They will be encouraged to explore their similarities and differences and be challenged to see if there are lessons they can learn from one another. All panelists are passionate about South Australia, innovation and have fine reputations in their respective fields.

Dr Pam Ryan OAM is an organisational psychologist, social entrepreneur, impact investor and author. Originally from the Silver City of Broken Hill, Pam spends her time equally between Austin, Texas and Adelaide. Pam has founded the Tingari Silverton Foundation and also founded Psychology Beyond Borders and Issues Deliberation Australia/ America, (that hosted the first deliberative polls in Australia on Reconciliation, the Republic and Muslims and Non-Muslims in Australia). A sports fanatic, single engine plane pilot and intrepid traveller she will tap into a wide range of experiences for this conversation.

Matt Anderson is an NGO executive, organisational development leader, network chair of various cross sector collaborative efforts. He has worked at both the grass roots level as well as in a national and international capacity including with one of the world’s largest civil society organisations, World Vision. He presented at TEDx Adelaide 2015 and is co-founder of the Social Capital Initiative being explored for re-purposing the Royal Adelaide Hospital site.

Jane Yuile has more than 35 years’ experience as a finance executive and is currently ANZ State Chairman, South Australia; Chairman of Return to Work SA (formerly WorkCover SA); and a director of BuiltEnvirons and the Art Gallery of South Australia. Jane is also Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Australian Centre for Asian Studies (University of SA). Originally from Montreal, Adelaide has been her home for more than two decades and will bring her governance, business and finance experience to this conversation.

Bookings are now open.