Promises to 2017

2017 shows a lot of promise for more division and fear in the international stock market of intercultural relations … but there is another narrative and that is the promise of solidarity and equity.  In communities, neighbourhoods, amongst families and friends, people with shared and diverse interests are coming together in ways they might not have before.  Even the power blackouts my state has been experiencing due to extreme weather conditions bringing down power lines, is proving to be a catalyst for connecting in new (and old ways – apparently board game sales are on the rise.)

Going beyond New Year’s Resolutions – what promises are you making to 2017?

At MDC we are planning a year to host more conversations through a new series of Salons and our three topics chosen will be Future of Death, Future of Conversation and Future of Friendship.  We have begun some preliminary discussions on holding a “one night only” series of conversations in interesting places around the capital city of Adelaide to bring ideas to bars and pop up venues.  We are also joining with Tingari-Silverton Foundation and other partners including University of SA to bring a national conversation on possible futures for Australia.

Our regular project work will be put on the back burner in 2017.  Moira and our facilitator associates will remain available for facilitation gigs.  Moira is joining Opportunity Child as an Associate (a couple of days a week) for the first six months of 2017 teaming with Kate Simpson to lead and advance their agenda with their partner communities, learning and advocacy agenda. Adri  will be welcoming her second child in the first quarter of the new year.   We are exploring translating a couple of ideas into apps and they are in the incubator for now to see how we might ‘cook’ them up into applications.  Our plan is to also advance towards BCorp certification in 2017.  We will continue to support start-ups working to bring new ideas to fruition that will support equity and democracy.  In 2017 our attention will be drawn to supporting friends in IAP2 Indonesia to develop and deliver a small training offering to help them promote principles of engagement and participation in their part of the world.  We will be starting a network for women in start-ups to connect them with other women and all parts of the ec0-system – we are calling it Chooks.

MDC undertook a review of the 15/16 financial year as part of our winding up of the calendar year with partners, collaborators and associates. This report is available below and while was intended for internal use only, it is now available to anyone interested in learning more about what happens ‘behind the scenes’.

At MDC we are making our promise to the future through our contributions to equity, democracy, community and play.  What is your promise to 2017?