Heather Barton AM

“I am delighted to recommend Moira – she is a highly capable administrator who has thorough knowledge of community engagement practice worldwide, and is held in high esteem by public participation practitioners. Moira is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, energetic and self-motivated.”   Board Director

Megan Hughes

“Moira has maintained lasting connection with the Southern region of Adelaide and is a respected and innovative member of the community. She has an abiding commitment to those who are most vulnerable in our community and is always looking for opportunities to build and create a more inclusive community.”   Executive Officer, Southern Domestic Violence Service

Tamsin Jones

“Moira was a great Chief of Staff. She always delivered to the highest standard, and prided herself in building a strong, supportive ecosystem so as to sustain success and drive positive change. Moira is a fount of enthusiasm and holds a great passion for the betterment of society, which made her an absolute pleasure to be around.”   Director at Africa Strategy Advisory (Independent)

Evelyn O’ Loughlin

“Moira has an in-depth knowledge of the not-for-profit sector and volunteerism. She is a strategic thinker, who can synthesise complex information; and as a superb writer, her reports/recommendations are of the highest standard, thus ensuring her clients make the best possible choices.”   CEO Volunteer SA & NT

Geoff Strempel

“Moira’s impact on our project was invaluable.  From the design and implementation of a meaningful engagement and consultation process, through to using social media to boost and maintain interest, to her ability to distill diverse contributions into meaningful information, Moira has been a key reason for the success of our planning process.” Associate Director, Public Library Services